Judy (2019)

Somewhere Below the Rainbow

Sheldon Corcoran November 6, 2019
Judy Garland was a kind of tragic celebrity. A wonderful actress, singer, and person whose childhood abuses stayed with her throughout her whole life. Judy, is a tragic film. Every once in a while, there are glimpses of a great film somewhere in Judy. But then in the very next scene, they fail to deliver.   Renee Zellweger gives a fantastic performance, but she is the one carrying the film. Other actors were just unable to deliver in a...Read More

Joker (2019)

"All I have are negative thoughts" (about this movie)

Sheldon Corcoran October 6, 2019
Joker (2019) might be one of the most boring movies I've seen this year. It certainly gives Ad Astra and Hellboy a run for their money, at least.   The slowness of the movie is accompanied with a score full of low notes on stringed instruments. You know, to give the impression that the movie scenes carry weight and importance. After hearing it for half an hour, it gets pretty old.   Joaquin Phoenix was easily the best part of the...Read More